DDRS North West – Course Information

DDRS North West are an approved DVSA course provider dedicated to getting you back on the road, safely and at the earliest opportunity.

We deliver courses throughout the North West – Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire.

Our course is designed for delegates from all walks of life; it is not a punishment, it is non-judgemental, it is not designed to encourage you to give up alcohol.

Our course will give you information on the effects of alcohol – on your body and on your ability to drive. It is designed to change behaviours and to reduce the risk of reoffending through drinking and driving.

As your provider, DDRS North West

– will be Flexible to your circumstances – with easy payment options and a wide selection of venue and dates.

– will provide a Friendly contact and an environment where you are happy to engage and become involved with the course.

– will be Focussed on supporting you, from your first contact through to successful course completion and the early return of your licence.

With our help and your successful course completion you can earn up to 25% off your disqualification. This means you can get your livelihood back earlier, resume your normal family life sooner, get back your mobility again whilst becoming a safer driver and reducing your chance of reoffending.

The course does not have a final exam, it is not a further punishment – it has been designed to take you through a ‘cycle of change’, to gain a greater understanding of the effects of alcohol on your body, on your ability to drive, to challenge and change your perceptions towards drink/driving and to give you the opportunity to plan for a safer future through a lifestyle change.

Our DDRS courses take place in safe venues, centrally located and chosen for their easy walking distance to rail and bus transport hubs. With venues throughout the North West there will be one within easy travelling distance for you.

We have provided a comprehensive FAQs page that will answer all your questions about our course. There are also links to other resources that will give you a greater understanding of the DDRS course. If you have any there

To ensure that we provide the ideal learning environment we have listed all of our Booking Terms & Conditions. They have been structured in a practical manner so there is no hidden small print.

DDRS North West – Course Fees

Full Course Fee £150 Either pay Course Fee of £150 or
Flexible Payment Plan” available (£50 Deposit + 2 x £50 payments)
Call 01772 282800 for further details
Early Bird Discount £135 10% reduction on Course Fee if paid in full, within 30 days of referral.
Course Fee
£110 Either pay Concession Course Fee of £110 or
Concession Flexible Payment Plan” available (£50 Deposit + 2 x £30 payments)
Call 01772 282800 for further details
Early Bird Discount
£99 10% reduction on Concession Course Fee if paid in full within 30 days of referral

*Concessions are delegates in full time education or in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance, Low Income Benefits, Carers Allowance and Pension Credits – call  01772 282800 for further details

++ All course fee’s to be paid ten working days before the first course date – see our T&C’s ++